In our Championship groups, swimmers who have qualified for some of our championships swim - Sum-Sim, JSM, SM or DM. They train between 5-8 swimming sessions a week and 5-6 land training sessions a week. The activities partly follow the school term but above all the Swedish Swimming Association's document "Säsongs- och tävlingsplanering" and will therefore offer both camps and competitions well into the summer and that holiday training during parts of Sportsbreak, Easter and / or autumn holidays will be mandatory for participation.

The swimmersin these groups place great importance on attendance, the swimmers also have a performance focus while the joy of swimming remains central. The swimmers work together with their coaches with individual training plans and goals to perform over a long period of time. At these levels, swimmers are expected to challenge themselves both in training and competition, as well as adapt their lives to a certain or large extent after swimming.

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