• Minisim is for children who have reached or will be 2 years old during the semester and want to start with swimming training.

  • The swimming is conducted in Sundbyberg swimming hall and follows the planning according to the Swedish Swimming Association's "Swimming Line".

  • In mini-swimming, the child can continue until the age of 5 and then the next step is the swimming school.

  • One semester is 12 lessons, one lesson per week and each lesson is 30 minutes long.

  • The fee for the swimming lessons applies as an entrance on course occasions for 1 adult and the child who is registered for the course. If you want to swim in the little adventure and / or the swimming pool before or after the lesson, you need to pay regular admission or have a valid entrance card.


1725-1875sek /

12 lessons


The easiest way to register is via the website.
To be able to make a booking, you must log in to the child's account, using the child's social security number and the password you have chosen. If you have forgotten your password, you request a new one on the website under the link "I have forgotten my password". If you are new as a customer, you must go in and create an account before the registration starts. Click on "create account" (in the top right corner of the page) to register / create an account for your child. If you have more children who go into our business, you still need one account per child.

Swimming goggles

In our mini swim, we mainly do not use swimming goggles. It may be that a few times during the semester that we test to use it, but 95% of the semester will be without goggles.