Membership and terms of use



Here you will find an excerpt of the member and participant terms for Solna Sundbyberg Simsällskap 04. You can take part in complete policies etc. via links below.

Membership and participation

To be able to become a member or otherwise take part in our association's activities, you need an account in our business system. The account is individual.

Our purpose is to conduct sports activities and related activities such as training, competition, education, etc. for all active, leaders and interested parties. For everyone who wants to take part in our business, it means standing behind and living up to our values ​​and policies.

Here ( link) you will find our business policies

You can find our values ​​here ( link)

( Link ) to SS04- A swimming club for everyone can be found here.


Processing of personal data

In order for the association to be able to conduct its activities as the members wish and requirements within the sports movement, personal data necessary for various purposes linked to the activities are processed in a secure manner in accordance with our Privacy Policy and GDPR.

We process personal data in order to be able to;
Manage membership, receive registrations for and administer activities, contact members and guardians, debit and book fees and other sales, apply for grants etc.

Our full privacy policy etc. can be found here ( link ).

You can find, update and extract your personal information yourself by logging in to the member account. We continuously process personal data that is not necessary for legal obligation or public interest. This means, for example, that unused user accounts are deleted after 12 months and other information is automatically deleted after 7 years if they have been linked to the exercise of authority (eg LOK support) or the Accounting Act (invoices and payments).