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Address: Skogsbacken 10 in Sundbyberg.
Office hours: Monday - Friday 09.30 - 16.00

Phone: 08 - 83 79 89

Phone hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 10.00 - 13.00
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Do you want to work with us?

SS04 is always looking for coaches who want to work with children and young people, who likes water and want to be part of the children's path to loving water and becoming able to swim

Who are you?
You are happy or positive and spread joy around you. We are looking for someone who have some type of previous experience of working with children and / or swimming. You should have an interest in teaching kids and an interest in developing into a good leader and role model for others! Prerequisites such as prior work as a swim instructor assistant, swim teacher / swim coach or babysitter and work at school or preschool is not a requirement, but a merit. If you have no previous education in the coaching job, you will receive it before starting from SS04 so that you will feel secure in your role as a leader.

As a swim teacher / swim coach in SS04, you will work together with an experienced swim teacher / swim coach who is responsible for the training in the water with the children. You help as an extended arm to the other swim teacher / swim coach where your primary role is to help and support the children in the water.

Who are we?
SS04 is a sports association with broad range of activities in swimming; baby swim (ages 3mo-2yrs), mini swim (ages 2-4yrs), swim school (ages 5-12yrs), technique training (ages 6-12yrs), adult swim school, adult freestyle classes and a growing competitive level. We were formed in 2004 and today have about 3000 members. We operate in two municipalities; Solna and Sundbyberg.

The position is mainly hourly employment, or part-time employment.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Club Manager Jonas Hägerhäll
Work: 08-83 79 89, Mobile: 0708-65 32 77,


Your registration of interest and / or application is sent to or to:
Solna Sundbyberg swimming club 04
Skogsbacken 10, 172 41 Sundbyberg