Swimming school 12-15years

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge required, should be at least 12 years old during the year.


Content: The course is individual in group and takes place based on the individual conditions. We build up the future swimming skills with a good water habit as a basis where young people learn to bubble underwater, dip their entire head, float and slide in both abdomen and back position and jump from of the pool. When a good water habit is achieved, we work towards ensuring that young people become knowledgeable according to the Nordic definition. We teach crawl, breaststroke and backstroke. (Swimming goggles may be used if the swim teacher approves this)


Objective: The Nordic definition of swimming expertise: "Swimming expert is considered to be the person who can fall into the water, get his head under the surface and after getting back to the surface, can swim 200 meters (crawl / chest swim) in deep water, of which 50 meters on the back ".


Symbols: Baddaren Green, Baddaren Blue, Turtle, Penguin Silver, Penguin Gold, Silverfish, Goldfish, Iron Mark, Shark Bronze, Shark Silver, Shark Gold, Simborgarmark.