Baby swimming is an activity where children swim together with an adult (parent) under the guidance of an instructor in Sundbybergs Simhall. Baby swimming is fun, cozy and important! Baby swimming stimulates the child to train motor skills and develop their water habit and water safety from an early age. In the warm water, the child can move freely - stretch and bend all body parts, initially with reflexive movements, but then more and more conscious movements. Read more about the levels offered below.

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12 lessons

babysim 2

Baby swimming is for children aged 3-24 months. Here we count 3 months from the expected birth, the navel should be healed

You as a parent must be comfortable in the water and be able to be below the surface without problems in shallow water.

A period is 12 lessons of 30min / lesson, 11x / week and only one parent should be in the water.

Possibility of making up for missed occasions exist, but only during the period.

The baby must wear a swim diaper during the lesson and make sure that the swimwear does not impede mobility.

If you want to swim in the swimming pool after the lesson, you need to pay for admission or have a valid entrance card.

A second person can come along and be in the bathhouse to watch the lesson, but this one has to change into indoor clothes.



from 3 months

The child must be 3 months old from the estimated date of birth. No previous knowledge required. The parent learns to handle their child in the water in a safe and secure way that leads to the child feeling as much freedom of movement as possible.


from 10 months

The baby has not been in baby swimming at all or for at least 6 months. Children and parents work together with water exercises and play so that the child quickly learns to handle getting water over the head. We work with the children so that they develop independence and respect for water.

2-24 månader

Inga förkunskaper krävs. Förälder och barn lär sig hantera vattnet på ett tryggt och säkert sätt som leder till att barnet får utveckla sin vattenvana. Barnet har inte gått i babysim alls eller på minst 9 månader. Barn och förälder jobbar tillsammans med vattenövningar och lek så att barnet snabbt lär sig hantera vatten över huvudet. Vi jobbar med barnen så att de utvecklar självständighet och respekt för vatten.

Continuation from 5 months

The child has taken at least one course in baby swimming. Here you continue until the child is comfortable diving and jumping in from the edge and can hold on to the edge or rod helpfully.


from 8 months

The child has taken several courses in baby swimming and is ready for more independent teaching. The child must want to be independent. Must be able to do longer dives and and double dives and start picking things up due to the bottom. the parent is there as support but keeps as much distance as possible so that the child is encouraged to act as independently as possible.