Märkesjakten is a non-sanctioned competition offered to our Medley swimmers. Non-sanctioned means that we do not have to make sure the swimmers follow the rules and regulations for competetive swimming completely. In sanctioned competitions, the swimmer always needs to swim in according with the rules and regulations, otherwise they will become disqualified. Märkesjakten is intended to be a first easy introduction to competitive swimming where the goal is for the swimmers to try to compete and get the opportunity to challenge themselves and improve their times.

As a new swimmer at a Märkesjakt, you always start with the 25-meter distance. If you have achieved the gold time standard of 25 meters, you can try 50 meters in that stroke (see the invitation for times). Medley 2 swimmers can thus register for either 25m or 50m in one stroke, not both distances in the same stroke.

The Märkesjakten is offered several times each semester and new for this year is that different strokes and distances are offered at different competitions (see invitation to see which ones are offered).

To get to the competition registration click on the button below, note that you need to be logged in to the swimmer's account to be able to complete a registration.