In our Simiaden groups, the swimmers train 3-4 times a week. The overall goal in these groups is based on competition participation in the Stockholm Swimming Association's region-wide competition called Simiaden. The age range in the groups is mainly limited by and adapted to the competition event's age groups which are 9 years and up to the year the swimmer turns 13 years old. At this level, the term begins and ends the same times school does, but the swimmers are usually offered extra training during breaks and to go to camp at regular intervals.

The swimmers in our Simiaden groups have high motivation regarding training, competition and training camps, which is shown in a high presence. The swimmers do land training regularly where we work with body control, agility and torso strength. The overall focus in these groups is joy and comradery, but also with a bit of focus on performance. These swimmers participate in both internal and external competitions.