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After swimming school, you have the opportunity to start with the sport of swimming. The first level in the sport of swimming is our Medley groups. There are two types of Medley groups, Medley 1 and Medley 2. All groups are age-specific and for Medley 1 one session is offered per week and for Medley 2 two sessions per week.

Placement of swimmers in the various groups is done by managers together with coaches, with one exception. Swimmers who come from the swimming school need to be booked by a parent/guardian for their first semester in Medley. The bookings for these swimmers takes place at the same time and in the same way as for the swimming school. Swimmers are placed in groups based on age and level of swimming development. You can therefore not register your child yourself in these groups, but the child is automatically placed in the group and we try as much as possible to maintain similar training times and coaches from semester to semester.

To move forward past the Medley groups to our Simiaden our Ungdoms groups, the swimmer needs to show that the swimmer knows all four modes of swimming, correct turns and starts.

Veckans landträningsövning v.49

Då vi anpassat landträningen pga. Coronapandemin just nu så får simmarna istället en ny landträningsövning inför varje vecka som de kan öva på hemma. Övningen läggs upp här inför varje tisdag och tränarna går sen igenom dem i samband med uppropet innan träning. 


Medley 1 - 1825kr /minst 14 tillfällen *

Medley 2 - 1925kr /minst 28 tillfällen

* För simmare som kommer från simskolan så är oftast terminen annorlunda längd än våra vanliga terminer, priset kan därför vara annorlunda då men baseras alltid på att 14 tillfällen kostar 1825kr.

In the medley groups, we practice all four strokes. Together, all strokes are called Medley.

As a swimmer in Medley, you need to be a member of SS04, there is therefore a membership fee of SEK 250 annually.

Several times per semester, all swimmers can try their hand at our own event Märkesjakten, the swimmers are also given the opportunity to take swimming marks on selected occasions.


Each opportunity is 60 minutes and begins with training on land.

All swimmers who have swum one semester have priority and are guaranteed a place at the level they have been recommended for the following semester.


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