When do the adult courses start?

The adult courses have two starts each semester, the first round of courses begins at the same time as the semester begins for the remaining activities such as the swimming school. The second round begins in the middle of the semester, the week after the first round ends.

When can I sign up for adult courses?

Registration can open a little different depending on the time of year ...

How long are the courses?

All our adult courses are 8 sessions long with one session a week. Sometimes the courses can extend over more than 8 weeks due to red days or school holidays.


Can I sign up for two courses at the same time?

You can, but to register for the second course, you must contact the office, as our registration system does not allow members themselves to register for two activities during the same period.

Can I start a course even if I can not swim at all?

Yes, of course, then you should start the Swimming School for adult beginners.

Can I start a course if I am afraid of water?

Yes, you can, in the beginner course you work to feel safe in the water. If you are very scared, however, we would recommend that you consult a psychologist or seek other professional help so that you can deal with the fear before you start learning to swim. The beginner course always takes place in shallow water where you bottom out.

Can you make up for missed opportunities due to illness?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer this right now, however, you can send in a medical certificate if you have been injured or lost to a more long-term illness, then you can get part of the fee refunded to you.

Which entrance do I use to enter Sundbyberg Swimming Hall?

Our adult swimmers always use the upper entrance unless otherwise stated in the welcome letter at registration, or information letter at the start of the semester.