How do I register my child for Simsporten?

You do not register the child yourself unless the child swam in the swimming school the previous semester, then you can register yourself for your first semester.

Can I change groups?

If you would like to change groups, just get in touch with us via or on our phone hours, see under the tab contact us, and we will see what we can do for you!

We forgot to pay the tuition fee, has my child lost his place?

No, your child has not lost their place, we will always contact you before we make a possible cancellation of place.

Why did I receive an invoice when my child had not been to any training?

If your child has registered for a group, you will receive an invoice regardless of whether the child has participated or not. If the child does not swim during the semester, then make sure to cancel the place in time so that you do not receive unnecessary fees.

How do I register my child for a competition?

You register for competitions on the registration page after discussion with the child's coach. (NOTE! In some groups the coach reports the swimmer, so always consult with the coach first about how it goes in your group)

How do I register for a competition?

The competition PM always says which coach to contact if you become ill and can not participate in the competition, you should always contact the coach as soon as you know, but no later than two hours before swimming begins if possible.

Do you need to report sick for training?

There is a mandatory attendance in our competition groups and championship groups, where you should always contact the head coach. In the other groups, however, you are welcome to let us know if you are ill so that the coach knows why you did not come to the training.

Where should I turn if I have views on the training?

Talk to your coach first and foremost! If for any reason you feel that you do not know it, you can always contact the Operations Manager for Simsporten Niklas Rajamäki or the person responsible for the level; Medley groups Joanna Hanner and Simiaden Jens Haraldsson .

Where can I see my child's training times?

In addition to the medley groups where they can be seen on the registration page, the group's head coach is always responsible for the swimmers having received the training times, they are then often sent out by email in addition to any physical paper the swimmer brings home with info and training times.