Swimming school for adults

SS04 offers Swimming School for adults (over 16 years) who cannot swim. Whether you have never been in the water before, or if you can take a few swims, you have the chance to develop with us.


For those who are not used to the water. We start by teaching the participants to be safe, comfortable and not afraid in the water on their own. That the student get used to the water is of main focus along with some basic exercises so that the participants can manage their body in the water. The basic exercises are: breathing - exhale air under the water, dip your head under water, float and glide on the front and back. When the participant is ready, we teach breast- and backstroke. We work on the basis of individual goals and the course takes place at your own pace.


For those of you who can swim 25 meters of breaststroke without feeling uncomfortable. We are further developing the breaststroke and the backstroke, where the goal is to become "Simkunnig" per the Nordic definition: 200m of which 150m on the front and 50m on the back. We also try to jump in the water from the pool deck, and the opportunity to try diving from the deck is available.



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fresstyle Courses

SS04 offers Crawl courses for adults (over 16 years) who want to develop their swimming and learn how to crawl.

Intro till crawl/Intro to Freestyle

For a person who has no previous experience of crawl swimming and is self-taught in breaststroke and / or backstroke swimming, you need to be able to swim according to the Nordic definition (200m of which 150m in front position and 50m on back). At this level we start with the basics of freestyle. You start with stationary exercises, or exercises against the wall and then kicking, arm pull and breathing each one carefully and usually isolated at first.

Steg 1/Step 1

For those of you who have gone "intro to crawl" or "swimming school continuation", alternatively tried freestyle yourself and know the basics of the movement and can swim about 10m, which means that you do not necessarily have to master the breathing yet. At this level, you continue to practice with kicking and arm pulls carefully, but you also continue to work on putting together the entire stroke.

Steg 2/Step 2

For a person who has passed step 1 or learned the basics of swimming freestyle elsewhere. You need to be able to swim at least 25 meters freestyle with breathing, the technique does not have to be completely effective or correct, neither does the breathing. At this level, you work mainly with the efficiency of swimming and the ease of breathing. We also introduce and practice the other strokes in swimming.

Steg 3/Step 3

For those of you who have passed step 2 or learned to swim freestyle elsewhere. You need to be able to swim at least 50 meters freestyle with an efficient breathing and forward swimming technique. At this level, we work on learning flipturns and we start swimming "real" workouts at different speeds. We also continue to improve the efficiency of the technique and practice the other swimming methods.


After Step 3, we offer training groups for adults, containing 1 or 2 swimming training sessions a week.
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Below you see the schedule for period 2 H20 which starts v. 42:




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