When can my child start in SS04?

  • Baby swim: 3 months - 23 months

  • Mini sim: 2 years - 4 years

  • Swimming school (Baddaren, Sköldpaddan, Pingvin): from the semester the child turns 5 up to 8 years.

  • Swimming school (Krokodil 8-11 years): for children who have reached the age of 8 but who cannot swim.

  • Swimming school (Späckhuggare, Fisken, Hajen): from the semester the child turns 5 up to 12 years.

  • Swimming school (Nybörjare 12-15 years): for children who have reached the age of 12 but who cannot swim.

See level descriptions for all levels under each activity HERE


What does basic water knowledge mean?

A child who has basic water knowledge:
- Float on stomach with face in the water, without float aids or other help.
- Pushing of the wall on stomach with face in the water, without float aids or other help.
- Dip the whole body incl. head and hair under the water without discomfort.
- Jump from the pool deck and end up with your head underwater.
- Move freely in the water.
- Bubble with mouth and nose underwater.


How do I know which level to choose for my child?

Under the heading Swimming school (in the menu bar) our different levels are described. In order for the children to benefit the teaching in the best possible way, it is of utmost importance that the child is at the right level. If the child's knowledge lies between two levels, it is better to choose the easier level, then the child will feel good and strengthen their knowledge.

If you still feel uncertain of what level is appropriate, you are always welcome to call us and get advice.


How do I register my child for swimming school?

If you are new as a customer, you must create an account before the registration. Click "skapa konto" (in the upper right corner of the booking page) to register / create an account for your child, with the child's name and social security number. You always need an account for every individual who you want to sign up.


When and how do I pay for a course at SS04?

  • Card / direct payment via PayEx in connection with or after booking.

  • E-mail invoice which means that the invoice will be sent via mail and available on the member page / account under the tab "My invoices".

  • Paper invoice sent by post approx. 1-2 weeks before the start of the course, you choose paper invoice will be SEK 50 in invoice fee.When you pay the course fee via invoice, enter your Ocr number / invoice number as payment reference and pay the sum to our Bankgiro number (5453-7204).


What applies to cancellation and illness?
All cancellations or requests for changes must be made by e-mail to kansli@ss04.se and are valid only when you have received confirmation that we have received the email.

  • Place booked and canceled by e-mail within 14 days before the course start is charged with SEK 250 the remainder of the fee is refundable other than the membership fee, which is never refundable.

  • After the first class has taken place, the cancellation charge remains at SEK 250 the remainder of the fee is refundable.

  • After the second class has taken place, no part of course fee is refunded.

  • The membership fee is non-refundable.

If canceled due to illness / injury where medical certificate can be presented we will refund the part of the course fee corresponding to the missed opportunities minus SEK 250 in administration fee. When canceling due to illness / injury always contact SS04 Office.
SS04 does not replace missed occasions that are not covered by medical certificates.

We do not offer the opportunity to retake missed lessons at another time.

Before the first swimming lesson, what should I think about?

Bring swimwear, towel and a lock for the changing room lockers.
At the levels Baddaren and Sköldpaddan the kids may not use swimming goggles. Swim cap and/or hair tie for long hair is highly recommended.

Pingvinen, Späckhuggaren, Fisken and Hajen allow the children to partially use swimming goggles but preferably swim cap and/or keeping the hair up in a ponytail.

In Sundbyberg Simhall you will receive an entrance card at the first class of the semester, this card is needed to enter the pool. The entrance card is personal and applies during the day and times you have classes. When the semester is over, the card must be given back and you will receive a new one next semester. If you have lost your card you can get a new one at a cost of 100 SEK. Contact SS04's office or reception.


Are the parents in the water while teaching?

Baby and mini swim: A parent is ALWAYS with the baby in the water.

Swimming school: No, the parents are not in the water. But parents must be available at the swimming pool during lesson time. (Exceptions can be made in Baddaren) Note that during the Corona-pandemic different rules applies. 


How deep are the pools?

The small pool is 60 cm deep
The large pool is 90 - 400 cm deep

The small pool is 70-90 cm deep
The large pool is 110-180 cm deep
The multi-pool is 70-200 cm deep


What is the water temperature in the pools?

The small pool is 29 degrees
The large pool is 27 degrees

The small pool is 29-34 degrees depending on the day
The large pool is 27 degrees
The multi-pool is 28-29 degrees depending on the day


Can I as a parent / sibling swim at the same time as my child / sibling goes to Simskola?

If there are lanes for the public it is possible, contact the swimming pool to see if it is open to the public. The parent / sibling must then pay entry at the front desk of the pool.

If the child who goes to swimming school wants to develop his or her swimming skills on his own even after the swim lesson, you have to pay entry for it at the front desk of the pool. If the child is bathing, an adult must also be changed to swimwear and bathe with the child. Always double check with the Vasalundshallen or Sundbyberg Simhall that the swimming pool is open to the public.


My child wants to continue with the swimming school ext semester, how do I proceed?

Towards the end of the semester, the swim school teachers give feedback on how things are going for the child and a recommendation for the next semester. The swim school teachers give information about the registration date. On registration day, you book your child to the recommended level on our website.

Children who have joined the SS04 swim school are given priority over the public who did not swim in our swim school during the last semester. The privilege does not apply to entire families, such as siblings or the like, who have not previously participated in our swimming school.


My child wants to continue swimming after Hajen, how do I go about it?

After Hajen comes the first level of what we call Simsport which is called Medley 1. On this level we train to eventually start competing in swimming. Registration is done in the same way as for the swim school, usually on the same date as registration opens for the swim school.


Where can I buy swimming badges?

Swimming badges are purchased after the swimming teacher has approved the goals for a swimming badge. The swim badges the children have taken are on the back of the diploma that is awarded at the end. The sewing marks cost SEK 35 / pcs.

Vasalund HALL:
At the last class of the semester, the swimming teachers / representative from SS04 sells swimming badges at the pool. We only take swish payment.

Badges are sold at SS04's reception at the lower entrance. We take card payment and swish payment.


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