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A lesson lasts 30 minutes and you can only book yourself to 1 lesson per day yourself. Should you wish to book for 2x30min in succession, you must contact the office so we can book in the second time if there are available times.

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If you already know exactly what needs to be practiced, you are very welcome to send this to so that whoever has the lesson should be as prepared as possible. The same is true if it is supposed to be a duo lesson. Then both participants should be on a similar level to get the maximum out of the lesson.


1 Participant: SEK 375

2 Participants: SEK 575

3 Participants: SEK 695

NOTE! If you want to book a lesson with more than one participant, you need to notify so that we can correct the invoice and post the other participants. We also offer PT group, for example for companies, booking for this is only done by mail.


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