SS04 is Solna and Sundbyberg's joint swim team. SS04 originated from the former clubs Solna Simsällskap and Sundbybergs IK, Simsektion.

The purpose of SS04 was and still is to create a well-functioning swim team in Solna and Sundbyberg municipality where everyone can participate at the level of their choice. A swim team for everyone with both swimming school, technique training, swimming for exercise and competetive level swimming. SS04's club colors are red / black.


A swim team for everyone

A swim team for everyone is the SS04 vision and something that all of us in the club try to strive for and think about every day.
A swim team for everyone includes several different parts that describe how we want SS04 operations to work. Each area has a description and an action plan that is updated every year.


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An interesting story ...

At a "historic" meeting on Monday, December 1, 2003, Solna Sundbyberg Simsällskap 04 was formed.

SS04 was created as a joint club team for the two parent clubs Solna Simsällskap & Sundbybergs IK, Simsektionen.

The interim board until the first annual meeting consisted of President Ingemar Elfvin (SIK), Vice president Stefan Johansson (Solna), Jörgen Tisell (SIK), Christina Hancock Bruhn (Solna), Astrid Renström (SIK) and Ronny Larsson (Solna). SS04 became official on January 1, 2004.

The background to the new competition club was a desire from both clubs to gather the resources that existed in both Solna and Sundbyberg in order to offer an even better swim team.

After joining the two teams, the new team SS04 then developed in a very favorable direction rapidly increasing in size. Therefore, at the annual meeting on April 15, 2008, the formal decision was made to close the parent clubs Solna SS & SIK Simsektion in favor of SS04.

Solna SS started its operations in 1957 in Vasalundshallen.

Sundbybergs IK, Simsektionen started its operations in 1920 in Lake Ulvsundasjön.